Developer Notes

We released Version 1.0 of the SiteHost API in 2008 after internal use for a number of years. This was before standard REST API design went mainstream and as such it has some quirks that you need be aware of when you are integrating it into your own service.

Parameter Ordering

The SiteHost API has strict parameter ordering, which means you must pass the parameters in the exact same order as they are documented when you are making a request else the request might fail or lead to unexpected results. This rule applies to both query parameters and multipart/form-data.

While not being explicitly shown on the parameter list of each endpoint, you should always include the apikey as the first parameter in your requests.

HTTP Methods

The SiteHost API does not strictly follow the semantics of HTTP methods, but we recommend you use the methods shown in this documentation. GET is used for endpoints that retrieve data and POST for endpoints that create, modify, or delete data.

Query Parameters vs Multipart/Form-Data

While the SiteHost API treats and processes the data passed via query parameters and multipart/form-data equally, we recommend you adhere to the use of query parameters for GET requests and multipart/form-data for POST requests as suggested in the documentation.